Lube Oil Company is authorized supplier for Fuchs specialty lubricants for metro / railway sector in India.

Fuchs Lubritech High performance lubricants for optimum safety and performance in railway traffic.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers, FUCHS LUBRITECH has been successful in the field of railway lubricants for many years. Customers benefit from our profound experience and knowledge in the lubrication of wheel flanges, rails and switches, extending as far as rail head treatment and the lubrication of buffer plates or coupling systems. Decisive for these applications are the technical performance of the lubricants as well as their biological degradability – two factors that we have concentrated on for years in the research and development of lubricants for rail traffic. Today, the product range encompasses the right lubricant for virtually all rail traffic applications. Our lubricants are used not only in Europe, but are also literally on the move in Asia, the Americas or Australia. And our development continues – for continuously new solutions that protect equipment and environment and save costs.

Application Fuchs Product
Dellner Coupler Lagermeister 3000 Plus Grease
Stabyl LT 50 Grease
Wheel Flange Lubrication LOCOLUB ECO Grease
Corrosion Protection of spares DECORDYN 350 (Dry waxy)
Antiseize. Maintenance products RIVOLTA range of products
(Bremer & Leguil)