Koolkut 40 - Cutting Oil

Koolkut 40 is a general purpose soluble cutting oil. Meets requirements of BIS: 1115-2002 (reaffirmed) and ZX-1 of defence standard. Forms a milky white emulsion with water.

Tips on preparation of soluble oil emulsion

  • While preparing soluble oil emulsion, the product is always added to the water and not vise-versa.
  • A concentrated emulsion is made first by adding requisite quantity of Koolkut in two or three parts of water.
  • Concentrated emulsion is then diluted subsequently with sufficient water.
  • Diluted emulsion should be applied copiously to flood the machining area to ensure good performance.

Measures to control offensive odour

  • Pre-treatment of water used in preparing emulsion
  • Avoiding oil blanket on the surface of emulsion in the sump
  • Aeration of emulsion
  • Frequent removal of chips and fines from the sump
  • Periodic cleaning of the coolant reservoir and system.

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Koolkut 40Koolkut 40Koolkut 40Koolkut 40