Liprex EP 000 - Liprex EP 00 - Liprex EP 2

Liprex EP 000 - Liprex EP 00 - Liprex EP 2

Balmerol Liprex EP are Lithium soap based greases containing Extreme Pressure (EP) additives for enhanced load bearing capacity. These greases are formulated with high quality paraffinic base oils and are fortified with balanced Oxidation and Rust Inhibitors. Balmerol Liprex EP greases possess excellent shear stability under heavy duty service, have excellent water tolerance and are adaptable to normal grease dispensing systems including centralized lubrication systems.

Features & Benefits:
Balmerol Liprex EP greases have good load bearing properties and provides adequate protection to the bearings. The other advantages of Balmerol Liprex EP greases are

  • Can withstand shock loads which leads to better bearing protection
  • Good rust and corrosion protection leading to less bearing failures
  • Good pumpability which makes it suitable for centralized lubrication systems

Applications / Recommendations:
Balmerol Liprex EP greases are designed as multifunctional extreme pressure greases for prevention of wear, during usage at temperatures upto 120oC. Balmerol Liprex EP greases can be used in plain and antifriction bearings operating under high load conditions in various heavy duty industrial applications, steel mills, paper mills, heavy structural construction / fabrication industries, mining and automotive industries. Balmerol Liprex EP greases are also recommended for use in flexible type
gear couplings.

Liprex EP 2