Balmerol Supertec PD Grease - PD 00 - PD 000 - PD2
Maximum Pressure High Performance Grease

Product Description:
Balmerol Supertec PD greases are high performance lithium greases, incorporating high dosage of microflux surface improvement additives. Due to eutectic flow caused by the special additive package, this grease gives extremely smooth surfaces resulting in minimum wear and very low co-efficient of friction.

Features & Benefits:
Balmerol Supertec PD greases have good load bearing properties and provides adequate protection to the bearings. The other advantages / benefits of Supertec PD greases are:

  • Very stable to shearing and oxidation – Extended regreasing intervals
  • Provides superior protection against fatigue wear, abrasive wear and pitting or fretting corrosion with extension of equipment life
  • Resistance to water wash out – Better bearing protection and lower grease consumption
  • Reduce Energy consumption (low co-efficient of friction)
  • Lead and Chlorine free – Less impact to the environment

Applications / Recommendations:
Balmerol Supertec PD greases are designed as multifunctional extreme pressure greases for prevention of wear, during usage at temperatures upto 120oC. Balmerol Supertec PD greases can be used in plain and antifriction bearings mainly for high speed applications.
Recommended Speed Factor
Supertec PD 2 : NDm factor 900,000 *
Supertec PD 1 : NDm factor 1,000,000*
Supertec PD 0, 00, 000 : To be used mainly in gear boxes, couplings & homo-kinetic transmissions
* NDm factor is an approximate indication
NDm = rpm * ((bearing bore + outside diameter) / 2)

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Balmerol Supertec PD 00 GreaseBalmerol Supertec PD 00 GreaseBalmerol Supertec PD 000 GreaseBalmerol Supertec PD 2 Grease