Lube Oil Company proudly supplies Gulf Oil Industrial Lubricants, a product line of Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd (GOLIL), part of the renowned Hinduja Group. GOLIL has cemented its position as a significant player in the Indian Lubricants Industry with its diverse range of products. These include specialized lubricants for metalworking, construction, and manufacturing, all critical for efficient machine maintenance.

The reliability and economic efficiency of Gulf industrial lubricants make them a preferred choice in sectors that depend on high-performance machinery. These sectors include Auto Components & General Manufacturing (ACGM), General Engineering, Steel, Cement, Mining, Construction, Oil & Gas, Metalworking, Power, and Agriculture Equipment. These lubricants are designed to ensure peak operational efficiency of equipment, offering extended periods of peace of mind to users.

Gulf industrial lubricants contribute significantly to lowering operational costs by reducing downtime, increasing productivity, and minimizing machine maintenance needs. Their versatility also extends to a variety of other applications, making them essential for regular machine maintenance across multiple industries. By offering Gulf Oil's lubricants, Lube Oil Company is enabling businesses to maintain high-performance standards while ensuring cost-effectiveness and reliability in their operations.

Hydraulic Oil

  • Gulf Harmony ZF HVI Plus Series
  • Gulf Harmony ZF Plus Series
  • Gulf Harmony ZF Series
  • Gulf Harmony HVI Plus Series
  • Gulf Harmony HVI Series
  • Gulf Harmony AW Premium
  • Gulf Harmony AW Plus
  • Gulf Harmony AW Series

Gear Oil

  • Gulf GEARTEK WT Series
  • Gulf Geartek SY Series
  • Gulf GEARTEK PG Series
  • Gulf GEARTEK HD Series
  • Gulf Senate


  • Gulflex LCX 460
  • Gulflex HT
  • Gulflex EP
  • Gulf Gem HD
  • Gulf Crown WRG
  • Gulf Crown CSC
  • Gulf Crown HD Blue
  • Gulf Crown HT 2
  • Gulf Crown LCX
  • Gulf Crown EPX 2
  • Gulf Crown EP
  • Gulf Crown MP

Turbine Oil

  • Gulf Crest EP Series
  • Gulf Crest Series

Air Compressor Oil

  • Gulf Fidelity PA Series
  • Gulf Fidelity Series

Refrigeration Compressor Oil

  • Gulf Eskimo Series

Heat Transfer Oil

  • Gulf Therm Series

Bearing and Circulating Oil

  • Gulf Security Series

Slideway Lubrication Oil

  • Gulf Way Series

Rock Drill Oil

  • Gulf Merit Series

Gulf Water Miscible Metalworking Fluids

  • Gulf Emulsil NA
  • Gulf Solucut
  • Gulf Emulsyn CA

Neat Cutting Oil

  • GULF CUT 91A
  • Gulf Cut 59A
  • Gulf Cut 69A
  • Gulf Cut 79A
  • Gulf Cut 86B
  • GULF CUT 36B
  • Gulf Cut 49B
  • Gulf Cut 56B
  • Gulf Cut 59BG
  • Gulf Cut 59E
  • Gulf Cut 36D
  • Gulf Cut 79D

Rust Preventive Oil

  • Gulf No Rust C
  • Gulf No Rust C2
  • Gulf No Rust C2 HF
  • Gulf No Rust WXD 32

Quenching Oil

  • Gulf Quench Series
  • Gulf Super Quench 22

Transformer Oil

  • Gulf Transformer Oil

Knitting Oil

  • Gulf Knit 22 Super
  • Gulf Knit 22